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Welcome to the Fuzzy Dark Denizens of the Internet Webhub! We are a gathering of likeminded individuals with tastes on the darker side of life: from Horror Movies, to Gothic Music, to cutesie dark homepages, and anything else we can cook up!

You are welcome, in fact, actually invited to join us if you have a site that is not rated X and is at least 80% dark-themed! Anthromorphic content welcome (so says Amy the Demon Mouse). Joining is free, and you don't have to do anything more than have a website that follows the rules to be a member!

  • Who is in? You can see what we have right here!
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  • This ring has been active since Spring 2005
  • Dark does not nessicarily mean "evil", we happily accept Gotic Artwork, Halloween Webpages, online pet cemetaries, adopt-a-beastie pages, and anything else not daylight related.
  • We are actually in several webrings and accept invitations to join webrings! That means even more attnetion for our members, and even more attention for your ring-neighbors.
  • This is a webring run by a proud female geek/goth! *grin*
  • Questions and comments welcome! We don't bite... hard.
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